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Juliana Hatfield - 28 shows from 1995 to 2011
Juliana and Evan - 4 shows from 2010
Some Girls - 5 shows from 2003

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Lyrics for the songs (now includes the latest songs from March 2011)


Interview and performance from 3/15/07 on WERS 88.9 FM Boston Live Music Week
Interview and performance from 8/12/08 on WFUV 90.7 FM Words & Music from Studio A
Interview from 8/19/08 on mvyradio What's New For Lunch
Interview and performance from 8/22/08 on WUMB 91.1 FM Boston Live At Noon
Interview and performance from 9/12/08 on KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle
Interview and performance from 12/1/08 on WXRT 93.1 FM Chicago The Big Beat
Interview and performance from 12/2/08 on WLS 890 AM Chicago The Roe Conn Show
Interview and performance from 12/3/08 on WYMS 88.9 FM Milwaukee
Interview and performance from 12/5/08 on KTBG 90.9 FM Kansas City


Videos from the 5/15/04 shows at the Windham, Bellows Falls, VT
Interview from 5/19/04 on the Globe at Home on NECN
'Hot Stove, Cool Music scenes' clip from 7/17/05 NESN broadcast
Interview and performance from 10/14/05 on the Main Event on NECN
Turner Classic Movies promo featuring 'Make It Home' from 12/05
'This Lonely Love' on the Tonight Show on NBC 8/25/08

Peace and Love

Peace and Love lyrics

How To Walk Away

How To Walk Away lyrics
How To Walk Away outtakes lyrics

Sittin' in a Tree...

Sittin' in a Tree... one sheet
Sittin' in a Tree... lyrics

Made in China

Made in China one sheet
Made in China tour t-shirt art
Made in China advance copy cd insert
Made in China lyrics


Still images from the 'What a Life' music video
Blake Babies, Juliana Hatfield, and Some Girls posters
Blake Babies and Juliana Hatfield Memorabilia

Some Girls (Juliana Hatfield, Freda Love, and Heidi Gluck)

Some Girls photos, lyrics, etc.


Official Juliana Hatfield site
This is the Sound - Yahoo! Group for Juliana Hatfield, Blake Babies and Some Girls fans
Live On Tomorrow - a Juliana Hatfield fan site