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(also available: Peace and Love, How To Walk Away, Sittin' In A Tree, Made In China and Crushing Love lyrics)

March 2011

I Won't Let You Go
Between The Clouds
I Picked You Up (version 2)

June 2009

The Idea Of Me
That's What You Get For Loving Me
Broken Record

May 2009

It's Not The End Of The World
You Don't Know Who You Are
I Am Here

April 2009

There's Always Another Girl (for Lindsay Lohan)
Bringing You Down Again
Something In Her Eyes

February 2009

Love Is Heaven
Cold In Here
Always In The Mood
I Don't Belong Anywhere
I Wish
X's and O's
Not Enough - same song as included with How To Walk Away on iTunes

December 2007

This Is What I Think Of You - no lyrics really
Just Like That (demo) - lyrically identical to the version on Crushing Love
Can't Worry 'Bout That (thanks to Charlie for help on the missing word)
Can't Kill Myself

August 2006

The First Shiver
Where I'm Going (thanks to Charlie for help on the missing line)
Sick of the City
Hole in the Sky (electric band demo)
Don't Walk Away (acoustic home demo) - almost no lyrics
Good Thing Going (Some Girls demo)
The Prettiest Girl (Some Girls demo)
First Love Never Dies (Some Girls demo)

December 2004 - March 2005

If I Could
Break My Heart
Number One
Going Nowhere
Baby It's Alright
Because We Love You (home demo)
Made It
The Only One
For The Lonely Ones
Beautiful Creature
Saving Myself
5th of July
Say My Name
I Didn't Know
Trick Baby
Now That I Have Found You
Never Coming Out
Stupid Thing
Better Than Nothing
I'm Shy
Wanna Be The One You Want
Fool Money - compare with Robot City
Perfect Stranger
Bad Dream
Ordinary Guy
She's Out